Blind Fittings

Control Chains

We manufacture control/operating chain to the highest standard and are able to offer a wide standard range as well as bespoke products for individual customer needs.

Premier-Grip Control Chain

Premier-Grip Control Chains

Bottom, Ballast or Stabilising Chain

Bottom chain or stabilising chain is available in a standard Premier-Grip Ltd range or can also be produced to individual customer requirements. Colours other than the standard white are available on request.

Premier-Grip Bottom Chain

Premier-Grip Ballast Chain

Blind Pull Cords

These can be supplied in any size and colour. Please let us know your requirements.

Premier-Grip Blind Pull Cord

Premier-Grip Blind Pull Cords

Weights for Vertical Blinds

We can also supply weights for all types of bottom chain. Colours other than the standard are available on request.

Premier-Grip White Blind Weights

Premier-Grip Black Blind Weights

Coffin Connectors for Control Chain

The vertical cords that support and control the individual slats of a horizontal blind. Standard size is 21.5 x 28mm but other sizes would be available upon request.

Premier-Grip Coffin Chain

Premier-Grip Coffin Chain

Other Blind Components

As illustrated, we can also provide a range of components. Please contact us with your requirements.

Premier-Grip Blind Components

Premier-Grip Blind Components