Filing Clips

Bulldog® Clips

Bulldog® Clips have a history dating back over 100 years. Available in nickel or assorted colours. They are extremely useful for holding notes, paperwork or temporary signs on metal surfaces.

Bulldog Clips

Premier Grip Bulldog Clips

Foldback Clips 

Foldback Clips are made with tempered steel springs and finished in a variety of colours. Nickelled wire handles lie flat against the papers or snap into the hanging position. The handles are removable for permanent filing.

colored foldback clips

Foldback Clips

Two-Piece Filing Clips

Two-Piece Filing clips are manufactured to be of superior quality. The Two-Piece Filing Clip is manufactured in tinned steel and is a cost effective way of filing. Two-Piece Filing clips are designed to work in conjunction with manila folders., Two-Piece Filing clips are an ideal way to secure documents in either square cut folders or individual suspension files.

Premier Grip Two Piece Filing Clip

Two Piece Filing Clip

Slidebar and Prong

Slidebars and Prongs are made in high quality tin-plated steel. Premier-Grip® Slidebars and Prongs are available separately or both together.

Two Piece Filing Clips

File Fittings

Paper Binders and Washers

Premier-Grip® Tinned Steel Binders and Washers are an ideal means for securing your papers and files. Paper Binders have  pointed ends for piercing paper and the head and washer ensure that the papers are securely held.

Paper Binders

Paper Binders

Transfer Fittings

Products are Metal Transfer filing set components, consisting of a Transfer Fitting, Hollow Springs, Compressor Bar and a Spring Holder.They can be purchased either separately, or as a three or four piece set.

File Transfer Fittings

File Transfer Fittings